viva la vida ;*
About me
medina ♥ how old? old enough. i can be the sweetest bitch or the baddest bitch.. take your pick. i have a twin and her tumblr is --victoria's secret&pink. mountain dew. long walks. dance&cheer. hair. gel pens. make-up. uggs. nails. fashion. ice cream. parties. sun glasses. yoga's. fake eyelashes. love. driving insane. fuzzy socks. sleepovers. tumblr ♥ tanning. summer. hot chocolate. trampoline's. bon fire's. bosnia. justin bieber. neon colors. sexy boys. white teeth. cute panties. abs. animal print. late night phone calls. blue eyes. cute smiles. sweat pants. nike's. extensions. bling bling. juicy couture. sexy cars. mgk. bath&body works. food in general ♥ hair accessories.